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The bird feeder

Preparation Time:

1 hour

This is what I need:

– A Vitamont 1L bottle
– 1 wooden board
– A small branch
– Jute twine
– Linseed oil
– A brush
– A pair of scissors
– Ecological glue
– Wire
– A few screws
– 1 hook screw
– A drill/driver
– A jigsaw (or a saw)
– Cutting pliers
– Seeds for wild birds

Let’s get started!

1- Rinse the bottle, and remove the label by passing it under hot water

2- Using your jigsaw, cut a 35cm section on your board, and a second one of about 15cm

3- Brush these two plots with linseed oil, to protect the wood, let it dry.

4- In the meantime, cut a first portion of jute string of about 3m, and a second of about 1m

5- Using your brush, apply a strip of glue all around the bottle, starting at about 2cm from the bottom of the bottle

6- To prevent the glue from drying out, wrap the beginning of your rope around the bottle over the glue strip and press it all around for a few seconds until the glue sets

7- Repeat this upwards, until the entire string is wound.

8- Do the same thing with the small piece of string, starting just below the neck of the bottle

9- Once the boards are dry, attach them together forming a 90° angle Using your drill, pre-drill the bottom of the large board at the junction of the two boards, in two places in an aligned and horizontal manner. Each hole should be about 2cm from the edges of the board.

10- Using your screwdriver, insert the screws into these holes so that the two boards are joined at right angles.

11- Cut your branch into three pieces and attach them around the bottom platform to form a small edge

12- Place your bottle on the large board, neck down, about 2cm from the platform, and place markings with a felt pen in the center of the opposite side of the board, where the string ends.

13- Drill lightly where the markings are, and insert two screws that you will leave protruding

14- Drill a hole at the very top, in the middle of the opposite edge compared to the platform, to insert your screw hook.

15- Fill your bottle with wild bird seed, and close it

16- Fix it on the big board with the neck down 2cm from the platform. To do this, place a wire under each section of jute string, and then wrap it around the screws previously attached to the back. This way, you can easily remove the bottle and refill it when the time comes.

17- Open the bottle to let some seeds escape, and hang your feeder on a tree.

The little trick

You can add a hook underneath the platform, from which you will hang a cup with a little water!

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