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The juice bar
100% Organic

For more than 30 years, Vitamont has been creating and bottling in the heart of the Lot et Garonne, more than 130 recipes of pure original fruit juices, gourmet cocktails and healthy, thirst-quenching and low-calorie drinks.

The 100%
pure fruit juices and nectars

A wide choice of organic monofruit juices with no added sugar based on fruits picked and pressed when ripe. The purists will appreciate the 100% fruits and the greedy ones will be delighted with the nectars. In glass bottle to share or to take away everywhere.

The Juice cocktails
& mocktails

Let your taste buds take you on a trip with balanced organic juices.
Recipes imagined by Vitamont offering a perfect balance of flavours on the palate.

100% pur vegetable juices

Drink organic vegetables!

Vegetable juices from French producers are to be consumed cold, hot or spicy. Lactofermented juices improve the digestion of nutrients and regulate stomach acidity.


As many cravings as creamy and tasty smoothies: a gourmet break, a satisfying snack or a detox cure rich in taste.

and détox

Take care of yourself with pure organic juices and drinks with no added sugar. Vitamont combines fruits and vegetables with multiple properties to naturally promote your well-being.

Mini & Maxi

From 20 cl to 3 liters, organic fruit juices adapt to your daily life, whether you are rather nomadic or large family. Find them in unbreakable packaging.


Light and fragrant, organic vegetable drinks bring you all their benefits. The plant waters can be tasted natural or combined with fruit for more delicacy.

& refreshing drinks

Whether you prefer flat or sparkling drinks, traditional or revisited recipe, treat yourself with organic refreshing drinks! A range of delicious colas, lemonades and sparkling lemonades without additives or preservatives.