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“The least we can do, no matter how small it is to protect our planet, we have to do it.”


Fair For Life: almost 30 fair references

Fair for Life is a label delivering particular specifications for ethical, fair, and respectful commercial partnerships. It includes partnerships between North North and North South partners.

Thus a FFL label product gives you the assurance that producers engaged in the supply chain receive a fair price, see their production tools improve, and have the means to carry out collective projects of which they are the only decision-makers.

FAIR is not a vain word and everyday, our team of buyers go in search of new sourcing of as fair as possible raw materials. Thus, the company reinforce its desire to go beyond an organic approach by integrating an ethical and responsible approach.

More informations about Fair For Life available here


MAX HAVELAAR: the fair label

Max Havelaar is a French association, member of the international organization Fairtrade. Its goal is to establish ethical exchanges between many actors of the food trade, in order to offer good living conditions to farmers from developing countries.

By labelizing a product with its logo, Max Havelaar guarantees ingredients from farmers and workers who receive a fair income and have their fundamental rights guaranteed.

Also, the organization encourages farmers to switch to organic agriculture (among the labelled products distributed in France, 76% of them are organic). The specifications prohibit the use of any dangerous chemical substances in agriculture.

Being labelled Max Havelaar show our involvement to farmers, especially in Peru (mango) and in Paraguay (cocoa, vanilla, cane sugar). Our first Fairtrade/Max Havelaar labelled product was the ORGANIC Cola.

Today we have 17 products with this logo.

More informations about Max Havelaar available here

Bio Partenaire

Vitamont has been organic for 35 years and by joining Biopartenaire, we also became ethical and fair.

Vitamont often set up new partnership with fruit and vegetables farmers at a national and international level. In 2019, the company decided to join the fair trade label Biopartenaire, which aims to structure the supply chains in the organic system.

This label recognizes the best practices of companies that develop sustainable partnerships with their suppliers. It also supports companies and farmers in their efforts.

More informations about Bio Partenaire available here


We have always made sure to be responsible and commited to the planet, our suppliers and our consumers, through a strong policy about CSR and consistent with our traditional beliefs.

It is through the ORGANIC SUSTAINABLE COMPANY label that we decided to standardize this approach.

We are member of SYNABIO, which has been helping organic companies for more than 40 years to defend their interests and obtain a more stringent regulation.

SYNABIO has been a Bioentreprisedurable© (Organicsustainablecompany) since 2014. This approach supports companies which are involved in many ways about sustainable development.

Vitamont obtained the BioED© label for the first time in 2019. This label awarded after a very strict audit made by the independent organism ECOCERT.

More informations about Bio Entreprise Durable available here

Qualijus – Unijus

Vitamont is a member of Qualijus, professional Institute which guarantees sanitary quality of fruit juices offered to French consumers for more than 25 years. By regular inspections, Qualijus analyzes the composition of juices, checks the labelling and realizes directly audits in the workshops concerning both manufacture and traceability of juices. Analyses and audits are carried out by independent external bodies.

Members whose products comply with the requirements of Qualijus approach, like Vitamont, have a right to use EQCS logo (European Quality Control System). This certification ensures more quality to the consumers and goes beyond regulatory requirements. It proves the will of Vitamont to offer the healthiest products to their customers.

More informations about Qualijus available here

AFDIAG: For gluten-free recipes

Our AFDIAG certified recipes are both vegan and lactose-free.

In order to satisfy and offer the tastiest products to as many people as possible, Vitamont provides under the brand Mamie Bio a range of hazelnut paste, for gluten-intolerant and lactose-intolerant people

Also, Vitamont offers veggie recipes!

More informations about AFDIAG available here