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How to choose your juice?

Fruit and vegetables have an obvious nutritional value, but not only. Let’s make a little tour of the web to know more about common properties of fruit and juices.


They are produced by pressing healthy ripe fruit and pasteurising the juice. No sugar is added.

This is Vitamont’s specialty! 80% of our recipes are Pure fruit juices, whether they are single flavour or cocktails.


The juice, which is obtained by pressing the fruit, is concentrated by evaporating off the water to make storage and transport easier. The same amount of evaporated water is then added during bottling. No sugar is added.

We do not produce this type of fruit juice at VITAMONT.


They are produced from fruit juice or fruit purée (a minimum of 25% to 50% depending on the fruit) to which water is added with or without sugar or sweeteners. Nectars are a way of consuming very pulpy fruits (bananas, apricots, etc.) or acidic fruits (red berries, etc.) in liquid form. Regulations do not allow any food colouring or preservatives to be added to juices or nectars.

At Vitamont, we make nectars for fruits, which once pressed, do not produce juice : apricot, mango…

Source: UNIJUS

Citronnade citron de Sicile bio


This indication means that the product is not pure fruit juice. They contain a minimum amount of fruit or fruit pulp, water and sugar or sweetener, and can also contain natural fruit flavourings. Certain fruit drinks can be carbonated using carbon dioxide.

Apricot is full of Vitamin A, that makes it an asset to the vision.

It also contains Vitamin C, which helps reduce tiredness.

Apricot is one of the richest fruit in minerals and oligo-elements. This fruit is particularly rich  in potassium and magnesium.

Source: website France tv

This fruit, with a gold and juicy flesh, contains bromelain, an enzyme with many virtues: anti-inflammatory, improvement of the blood circulation and digestion of proteins.

Source of vitamins A, B et C, pineapple helps preserve the immune and nervous systems and memory.

Source: consommerdurable

Like other citrus fruits, lemon is rich in vitamin C, to boost the immune system, have a beautiful skin and fight the effects of stress and air pollution.

Consumed each morning with lukewarm water, the lemon juice helps to stay fit and reduces effects of an infection due to disease.

Source: Marie Claire

Cranberries work to prevent urinary infections for women with this kind of predisposition.

However, be careful, drinking cranberry juice does not exempt from consulting a doctor.

Like many other red fruits and berries, these fruits are also credited with virtues that contribute to the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Source: Doctissimo

The cranberry Vaccinium Macrocarpon variety, used to fabric Vitamont juices, is known for preventing urinary infections.

Rich in Vitamin C, pomegranate can have up to 6mg for 100g. This makes it a fruit with anti-infectious properties, especially in case of oral infection. It contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system.

Pomegranate is also a source of anti-oxidants. Anthocyanins, tannins and ellagic acid contained in this juice may help to slow cellular aging. It could also improve blood circulation and help decrease blood pressure reducing the risk of cardiovascular disorders.

Source: Bio à la une

Our Vitamont pure juice of pomegranate is rich in potassium, which contributes to normal functioning of the nervous system.

The blueberry is a superfruit with many properties. It would help to prevent cardiovascular diseases and venous insufficiency, relieve urinary infections, and avoid eye diseases.

Source: Top santé

Our Vitamont pure juice of blueberry is rich in manganese, which contributes to protecting cells from oxidative stress.

Mango is rich in polyphenols, organic molecules with antioxidant properties that protect cells from free radical damage.

This fruit is also rich in Vitamins C and A, in soluble fiber helping to reduce the level of « bad cholesterol » (LDL).

Source: Passeport santé

Apples contain  an antioxidant called flavonoid which could help reduce the risk of contracting diseases such as diabetes or asthma. It’s a source of vitamins, just below the skin of the fruit. Finally, in addition with a daily teeth brushing, the apple cleans the surface of the teeth and gives a better and fresher breath.

Source: Panier de fruits

Full of fibers mostly soluble, this fruit prevents constipation problems. The pear would contribute in reducing the cholesterol level and in preventing heart diseases.

Source: Panier de fruits

Prune juice is a source of many vitamins and minerals which give to this juice properties of well-being and good health. A glass of 256g providing 182 kcal contains potassium (707 mg), vitamins K and C (8.7 mg and 10.5 mg) and fibers (2.6g).

Prunes juice would prevent anemia thanks to its iron content, 34% of the daily intake in a glass of 256g. It would also relieve constipation.

According to a study of Departement of Food Science and Nutrition, University of Minnesota, the antioxidants in prunes may reduce cholesterol levels.

Source: Tout vert

Our Vitamont prune juices in 25cl and 75cl are source of potassium for a normal functioning of the nervous system.

It contains resveratrol, an antioxidant used to reduce blood pressure and risks of blood clotting.

Grapes are excellent frozen, to use as ice cubes in beverages.

Source: Mise en forme

Tomatoes are an excellent source of lycopene, an antioxidant used to reduce cholesterol. Cooked with oil, it provides more lycopene than cooked alone.

Source: Mise en forme

Like other pigmented vegetables, tomatoes, peppers and carrots are rich in carotene, an antioxidant with protective properties.

Source: Doctissimo

Ginger has stimulant and tonic properties that contribute to resistance against fatigue. Several Vitamont Products contain it: the Ginger Tonic, the Cucumber Apple Ginger, or the Lemon Ginger Juice.

Hibiscus facilitates the elimination functions of the organism. You can find it in the Smoothie Detox Turmeric, the Smoothie Détox Hibiscus or the Fruit and vegetable detox – Raspberry Beetroot Hibiscus.

Turmeric, one of the ingredients of the VITAMONT Liver Comfort – Black radish turmeric, helps maintain normal liver function.

Basil helps to facilitate the elimination functions of the body. It is used in various Vitamont products, such as Detox lemon green tea.

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Winston Churchill

“May your food be your only medecine” Hippocrate, 460-370 before J.-C.

“The appetite comes with eating, […] the thirst goes with drinking.” François Rabelais, Gargantua, book 1, 1534.

“Prunes in the morning and the day starts well!” Lot-et-Garonne saying.

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