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MAX HAVELAAR: the fair label

Max Havelaar is a French association, member of the international organization Fairtrade. Its goal is to establish ethical exchanges between many actors of the food trade, in order to offer good living conditions to farmers from developing countries.

By labelizing a product with its logo, Max Havelaar guarantees ingredients from farmers and workers who receive a fair income and have their fundamental rights guaranteed.

Also, the organization encourages farmers to switch to organic agriculture (among the labelled products distributed in France, 76% of them are organic). The specifications prohibit the use of any dangerous chemical substances in agriculture.

Being labelled Max Havelaar show our involvement to farmers, especially in Peru (mango) and in Paraguay (cocoa, vanilla, cane sugar). Our first Fairtrade/Max Havelaar labelled product was the ORGANIC Cola.

Today we have 17 products with this logo.

More informations about Max Havelaar available here