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The soap dispenser

Preparation Time:

30 minutes

This is what I need:

– 1 jar of fruit dessert Mamie Bio 680g
– A soap pump recovered from an old soap dispenser
– A drill with metal hole saw
– Plain or patterned self-adhesive vinyl paper
– Two Ribbons of two different colors and textures
– Waterproof paint


Let’s get started!

1- Remove the label from the jar by running it under hot water and rubbing with a sponge.

2- Dry the pot

3- Drill the top of the cover with the drill, choosing a hole saw of a suitable size.

4- Clean the lid.

5- Once drilled, paint the cover with waterproof paint.

6- If necessary, apply several layers of paint. Allow to dry between each layer.

7- Once the cover is dry, screw the pump onto it.

8- Take your self-adhesive paper, and cut a strip of 8 cm wide by 28.5 cm long.

9- Stick this strip centered around the jar

10- Cut two pieces of ribbons 45cm long

11- Circle your jar with the two ribbons, and make a nice bow tie

12- Fill the jar with soap and close it.


The little trick

from the designer, Laure, accounting assistant at Vitamont :

“For a nice customization, choose your paint and decorative elements in a color that matches your bathroom. »

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