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ECO-Friendly tips

The hanging vase

Preparation Time:

30 minutes

This is what I need:

– 1 jar of fruit dessert Mamie Bio
– Wide lace ribbon
– Patterned or colored adhesive tape
– Jute twine
– Iron Wire
– A Wire cutter
– Glue gun
– Glue sticks to refill the gun
– Super glue


Let’s get started!

1- Remove the label from the jar by running it under hot water

2- Cut out 1 strip of patterned or colored adhesive tape 28.5 cm long

3- Place the previously cut strip on the upper section of the jar, where the surface is still flat, just before the curve.

4- Cut out 1 strip of wide lace ribbon 28.5 cm long

5- Place this strip about 1 cm below the adhesive tape, and fix it with the glue gun

6- Cut out 1 piece of jute twine 40 cm long

7- Take your wire cutter, and cut out a piece of wire about 25 cm long.

8- Using your wire cutter, fold the ends of the wire to form a small loop at each end.

9- Bend the wire so as to form a large U upside down

10- Thread the jute twine into each of the loops of the wire

11- Wrap the jar with your jute string previously threaded in the loops of the wire, in the small hollow just below the sealing ring of the lid.

12- The wire must form a handle whose ends fall on both sides of the jar

13- With your jute string, make a double tight knot, then a bow tie

14- Put Super glue on your jute string every 4 cm approximately, so that it is well attached to the jar.

The little trick

You can put seasonal flowers, dried flowers, or even candles!

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