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The Eco-friendly tips

The plant pot

Preparation Time:

30 minutes

This is what I need:

– A jar of fruit dessert Mamie Bio
– Jute rope
– A pair of scissors
– Liquid glue
– A glue brush

Let’s get started!

1- Remove the label from the jar by running it under hot water

2- If necessary, rub it with a sponge to remove the remaining glue

3- Dry the jar

4- Cut a piece of jute rope about 5m50 long

5- Using your brush, apply a strip of glue all around the jar, just below the sealing ring of the lid

6- To prevent the glue from drying, quickly wrap the beginning of your rope around the jar and over the glue strip, and press it all around for a few seconds, while the glue grips

7- Repeat this step to the bottom of the jar.

The little trick

You can replace the jute rope with thick wool, for a more fleecy effect!

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