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cookies aux pépites de chocolat et pâte à tartiner

Cookies with praline spread


20 cookies

Cooking Time:

~15 minutes

Preparation Time:

~ 45 minutes

This is what I need:

– 300g of flour
– 100 g of softened butter
– 80g of praline spread
– 100g of powdered sugar
– 1/3 sachet of baking powder
– 1 whole egg and 1 egg yolk
– squares of chocolate

Let’s get started!

1- Whisk the butter and sugar to obtain a homogeneous mixture
2- Pour the spread, whole egg and yolk then mix
3- Gradually add the flour and baking powder until a homogeneous mixture is obtaine
4- Form a ball with the dough, film it and let stand for 30 minutes
5- Preheat the oven to 180°C. Divide the dough into a small ball and insert a square of chocolate into each cookie
6- Crush small pieces of chocolate and place them on the cookies Bake for about fifteen minutes

The little trick

To vary the tastes, divide the dough to add another spread (hazelnut & chocolate, 20% hazelnuts, …) in the second half

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