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Cocktail au jus de fruits et légumes bio

The vitamin cocktail

Pour :

2 people

Temps de préparation :

10 minutes

Temps de repos :

Ce qu’il me faut :

– 2 apples
– 100g fennel
– 10cl of Carrot Juice from France
– 6cl of Pure Fair Trade Lime Juice
– 2 pinches of salt or sugar according to your tastes

C’est parti !

1- Wash and finely chop the fennel. Mix it with carrot juice. Filter. 2- Remove rind and seeds from apples before cutting them into small pieces.
3- Add them and the lemon juice in the blender with the fennel carrot mixture.
4- Serve very fresh.

Le petit +

Add crushed ice for an even cooler drink!