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vase bohème

Bohemian vase

Preparation Time:

30 minutes

This is what I need:

– A bottle of 5 Days Drink Vitamont
– Lace ribbon
– Burlap
– Rope
– Special textile glue
– A pair of scissors

Let’s get started!

1. Remove the label from the bottle by passing it under hot water. Rub with a sponge if necessary, then let the bottle dry.

2. Cut a piece of burlap from the circumference of the bottle, then place textile glue on one end of the fabric.

3. Glue the first end on the bottle to the desired place. Place the glue on the second part of the fabric and then place it on the bottle

4. Reproduce the same steps with lace. 5. Add the rope and make a knot.

The little trick

Use bottles of different sizes for a nice centerpiece!

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