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chia pudding framboise

Chia pudding with raspberry jam


4 people

Cooking Time:


Preparation Time:


This is what I need:

– 35g of chia seeds
– 210ml of coconut milk
– 1 tbsp of agave syrup
– Extra raspberry jam
– Some fresh raspberries

Let’s get started!

1- In a bowl, pour the coconut milk, agave syrup and chia seeds. Whisk the mixture for 5-6 minutes to prevent the seeds from sticking together and forming small balls.
2- Place your bowl in the refrigerator overnight.
3- The next morning, prepare your dessert alternating a layer of pudding, a layer of jam and then again pudding.
4- Drop some raspberries, you can taste!

The little trick

To add crunchy, place some pistachios on the preparation.

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